Thursday, 16 December 2010

You know work dominates your life when you’re more excited for a lay in than a night out. It starts Monday, finishes Friday morning. That excitement of counting down the days until I have the ultimate thought of satisfaction that the day to follow isn’t going to begin with a 6am start. As my desk becomes inundated with Christmas cards and the days become increasingly dismal outside the office window, I find myself craving my bed even more so than usual. I want to wake up from a deep sleep and have that feeling of never ending excitement I used to get when I was young because ‘Santa’ had been. My fondest memories of Christmas are those in my old house which is where I spent pretty much all my childhood. I remember 98% of the time being the first up on Christmas morning and running in to beg my mum and dad to get up so I could head downstairs. My mum and I were always the first to emerge closely followed by my brother. My dad, on the other hand, used to make his way down those curved stairs like an absolute slug. I remember getting increasingly frustrated waiting to see him walk into the lounge as I was becoming more and more teased by the presents around me. This is the first year I’ve gone all out and bought Christmas presents for all my family (mainly because I can afford to – work does have some positives.) and I think I’m more excited to see them open their presents than to open my own! I hate knowing that in no time at all Christmas will be over again for another year. I swear the build up is ten times better than Christmas day itself. It seems to be over in a flash every year. Best parts of Christmas day – presents, food and family. Give me that turkey. Nom.

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