Friday, 17 December 2010

Insane comfort.

Sitting here picking the remainder of my nail varnish off. It’s become a habit of mine. As soon as my nail chips a little, I get an urge to pick at the rest. I have a load of random habits. Close friends of mine will tell you about my weird obsession with the sound of hairdryers. Even when I’ve finished drying my hair I tend to leave it on just lying on the floor much to my dad’s disgrace when he receives the electricity bill. Truth is, I’m not entirely an odd bod. The sound of a hairdryer to me is a comfort. Ever since I was a baby, when my mum was drying her hair she’d obviously have me in the room with her to keep an eye on me and so the sound of a hair dryer makes me feel safe? Not sure safe is the word, maybe relaxed is more fitting. Ok… I am an entire odd bod.

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