Sunday, 5 December 2010

"But when it comes to actually sleeping; that's something I prefer to do alone."

I've decided there's a whole lot of truth in that quote. If you're a friend of mine you will know that I take my sleep very seriously. I think I am yet to come across someone that I've shared a bed with that I can say didn't disrupt my sleep in the slightest. If it's not a lack of space, it's talking in their sleep or snoring.

First you have, the starfish.
The people that seem to spread out as much as they possibly can until you are left with the side edge of the bed as your sleeping space. Neither comfortable nor practical for sleeping.

Next, the deep breather/snorer/sigher/talks in their sleep kind, basically highly verbal.
Something which is almost impossible to deal with unless they give you a chance to get to sleep before they go nuts. Whilst sometimes funny it also verges a little on the side of creepy.

The OTT spooner.
A darling friend of mine is a true OTT spooner (you know who you are sweetheart ha). Now these cross the line of a spoon being comfortable and cosy and end up wrapping themselves around you entirely, legs 'n all until you feel as though you're in the grasp of a python. Sometimes accompanied by the heavy breathing on the back of your neck. Yeah, not nice.

And of course, the fidget.
How the hell am I supposed to get comfortable when you're throwing yourself about in every direction?

I really appreciate sleeping in my own bed, on my own.

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