Monday, 6 December 2010

We stopped checking for monsters under our bed when we realised they're inside us.

Yet another Monday morning.

Not feeling particularly optimistic this week I have to say. I also seem to be having a huge mind block on pretty much everything. I’m even struggling to remember spelling which is NOT like me. The weekend’s lack of sleep has certainly taken its toll that’s for sure. On a slightly happier note, I put up the little Christmas tree in my bedroom yesterday; it looks adorable. I loved laying in bed just staring at the lights reminiscing on past Christmases. Mum cooked a truly yummy meal yesterday evening as always and I spent the duration of her cooking it dancing around the kitchen to Michael Buble in my cookie monster pj shorts, a big baggy jumper and my thick, heavy knit bed socks. It’s the little things in my life that mean the most to me.
I also watched a programme last night called ‘Big Trouble in Thailand’ or something and I have to say, as a girl who originally wanted to travel to Thailand and experience it’s ‘buzz’; I now definitely won’t be. Sure, the show probably portrayed some aspects of it to be worse than others but I really would not rather risk it. I realised this year that I’m not a fan of ‘roughing it’. I don’t mind getting all filthy during the day as long as I can have a hot shower/bath and a decent bed to sleep in at night. I’m used to nice things in life and I guess hygiene plays a big part, more so than others. (I don’t understand people who don’t wash their hair for over 2 days. I wash mine daily.)
The show told of the crime levels in Thailand and the penalties if caught for certain things and hell, I don’t want any involvement thankyou.

P.s bring on 5 o’clock Friday.

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