Monday, 29 November 2010

Sing me a melody.

"Music isnt my life, I dont know much about it. But without music I wouldn't know much about my life.
Whoever said this put words to something I had felt for a very long time. Music is powerful. It moves people, it seeps beneath the surface and touches the soul. It doesn't matter the genre, what Eminem does for some, slipknot may do for others. Its tells a story, my story, your story, our story. It doesn't wait to resolve, it just tells it like it is. It paints a picture of our lives, weaving lyric and melody together to say what we struggle to put words to. Going counter cultural and talking about the things society chooses to dance around. It doesn't judge, It doesn't try to fix anything. It asks questions even when it doesn't have any answers. It speaks of hurt even before the healing. It makes no judgment it just 'is'. Music doesn't choose its audience, it plays for whoever will listen. Music is just broken people speaking on behalf of broken people and letting us know were not alone in all of this. Music is present in the time of tears, in the time of celebration and almost everything in between. Music is the hug nobody else will give, the friend you always wanted and the voice you never had. Music isn't my life, I don't know much about it but without it I wouldn't know much about my life."

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  1. awesome post, music is a huge part of my life, i have to have it on wherever i am, if i dont i get agitated. Made me laugh when you said about eminem and slipknot, im a fan of both ha ha. Without music i couldnt function, dunno if you like hip hop or not, but this song gets me reminiscing, it conjures up so many thoughts of when i was younger, fun times ive had with friends, thoughts of myself, dreams, everything. Its got Nas, common, and hi-tek in it, just them rapping about what music means to them, Nas's verse gets me, about him playing music while the pots and pans were rattling while his mum taught him how to cook when he was a boy. So many memories with my mum like that, give it a listen, if you dont like it no matter, your post inspired me and thought id show it lol