Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Daily train naps.

Gahhhhhh there really is nothing more annoying than falling asleep on the train into one of those crazily in depth snoozes and then having to wake up and get off. It happens to me pretty much every day and you’d think I’d learn and not fall asleep but there’s something about those squished, uncomfy seats, the gentle swaying of the train, the slight noise of pages being turned of the morning paper, that sends me off into some kind of dreamy state to the point where I can’t quite help myself and slowly let my eyes draw to a close. Before I know it, I hear the screeching of the train on the tracks as it pulls into Liverpool Street and the annoying pre-recorded woman on the tannoy announcing our arrival and ‘should I have any trouble in continuing my journey to contact the help desk or ask a member of staff’. Oh and apparently if I leave any of my ‘belongings’ unattended they may be removed without warning. Who’d a thunk it? Now shut up and let me have my extra minute or so of sleep, bitch.

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