Monday, 8 November 2010

Gone with the wind.

I really don’t mind wrapping up all warm in Autumn and Winter, I actually quite like it. But I definitely don’t enjoy standing on a freezing cold platform waiting for a train; a train running on only 8 carriages instead of the normal 12. Packed times. The decision to leave my coat and scarf on throughout the journey was one I learnt to regret when it started to run slow and the train windows started to steam up. To onlookers my walk from the station to work must have been hilarious; trying to hold my skirt from blowing up, my scarf from blocking my view, my brolly from blowing away and trying to find a route avoiding puddles. I’m also amazed at how the wind has managed to literally bend the metal of my brolly out of shape to the point of no return. Not a good start to the week I might add. Butttttttttttttt, none of that matters when I realise I’m going to see Sally Morgan this weekend. For those of you who don’t know who she is, she’s a physic medium and I’m well and truly fascinated by her. I watched an episode of her tour a few months back when I was off work ill and became addicted. I’m normally quite sceptical about it all, for example, Most Haunted is a load of bollocks. But Sally Morgan I have genuine belief in and I’m too excited to see her prove herself Saturday Night.

ALSO, I’d just like to say THANKYOU to everyone who reads my blog. I’m actually quite happy at the response I’ve been getting. I’ve had 6 people this past week message me to say theyre addicted and love it so thankyou!

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