Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Flicking through Grazia magazine at lunch I came across an article which fascinated me and I felt a strong pang of admiration for this woman. Although I don't think I could ever find it within myself to cheat, as I've been cheated on before and can't say I was too keen on the feeling of finding out; I have the upmost respect for this woman. Only picked out what I thought were the key statements but a little something for both you guys and girls to think about.
Take note guys, you're not the only ones.

A recent survey revealed that 54 per cent of women now have affairs – and that they even make better cheats than men. Here, Pamela Rossi, 33, a banker from London, discusses why she refuses to stay faithful…

‘I know some people are going to judge me and will call me a slut. But it’s so hypocritical: men cheat all the time and don’t get bad reputations, so why should a woman? I’m not unusual. Most people I know – men and women – are unfaithful. They just don’t admit it. But this is real life, not a romcom, and it’s time we started being honest about the fact that women get up to just as much as men – and were better at it.’

‘…everything changed when I was 23 and found my boyfriend of three years in bed with another girl. I had really believed that we’d marry and have children. My world fell apart and I vowed I’d never trust anyone again.’

‘Yes, there’s a part of me that’s afraid to trust someone so completely again, but I’ve also got to know myself better and I’m a butterfly who needs to move from person to person, otherwise I’m miserable. Cheating isn’t just about sex – its more about the power that being desired gives me. It’s like an addiction.’

‘So now I don’t tell men the truth and they don’t find out because, quite frankly, as a woman I’m better at cheating. Were more able to be underhand and we pay attention to detail, which is important when you're covering your tracks.’

‘But I know that one person can’t meet all my needs and while I don’t want to hurt people, I don’t want to lead a miserable life, either.’

In the words of Ali G... Restecpa.

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