Monday, 25 October 2010

'Little man, huge ego.'

What pleasure exactly, do you get in treating an 18 year old girl like a good for nothing? Because quite frankly, I’m not. Yes I was lazy in school and yes I hardly ever did what I was told. Ok and maybe I still don’t always do what I’m told to this day BUT, I'm  far from the bluntest tool in the box. I am perfectly capable of performing but yet you never seem to give me the chance. And worse than that, you deliberately try to make me fail. You’ve got to be what, late 40’s at least? Even if you are the height of Lord Farquaad. And you like to make out that youre this man of great stature and knowledge but any evidence of such is yet to be seen. So if youre so knowledgeable and superior to me, why oh why, do you treat me with such disrespect? I highly suggest you grow the hell up and until that time, I'd rather appreciate you getting the fuck off my back and letting me do what I have to do.

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