Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Free therapy.

Ok, technically not free. But lately, I have become well and truly addicted to shopping whether it be physcically going out shopping or internet shopping; I can't stop buying!! There's this crazy kind of relief and satisfication I've got from shopping lately. Sure, I've always loved shopping, afterall, what girl doesnt? But just something about the past couple of weeks, I can't help myself. I suddenly need everything I see and am able to conjure up some sort of logical explanation as to why I 'need' it. I always used to be ridiculously good with my money and have always been one of those 'get in the queue, look at it, decide you don't need it' types so what's changed? Why oh why do I have this sudden desire to get rid of my money as quick as possible on things I really don't need nor particularly want for that matter? I narrowed it down to enjoying the therapeutic values shopping gives one's self. I've been feeling pretty rough lately and I guess this has become my way of dealing with my ordeals? Shopping. Now I'm all for proving stereotypes to be wrong, but, I genuinely do, now more than ever, love shopping. Unfortunately, it's rather unhealthy for my bank balance even if it is doing my sanity some justice. But to help justify it to myself, I think of it to be cheaper than seeing a psychiatrist. Even if it is only by a miniscule amount.

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