Monday, 25 October 2010

I love...

  • laying in bed when its cold and raining and knowing I have not a thing to do.
  • conversations that last for hours and yet you walk away feeling like you could have spoken for hours more.
  • comfortable silences where you feel like nothing needs to be said for you to feel understood.
  • finding THAT song that sums up exactly how you're feeling at that moment.
  • that moment after you stop crying and you realise it's not that bad after all.
  • those unplanned nights that turn out perfect and end at 6 in the morning.
  • laughing so hard my stomach hurts and no noise comes out.
  • making people happy.
  • the feeling of sunshine on my face as I close my eyes and lose all sense of reality.
  • gazing out of the train window with an inspirational song playing on my ipod.
  • well mannered people who say sorry even though you bumped into them.
  • feeling tired and knowing that it doesnt matter to doze off.
  • having time to myself and my thoughts.
  • inspriational stories from those at work.
  • that crazy feeling you get inside when truly excited. You know, that feeling where you want to scream and jump up and down.
  • people that arent afraid to be themselves.
  • how my mum puts up with my 'screaming hab dabs' and is still there with open arms when I need to be held.
  • receiving mail.
  • blogging.

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