Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Things we all do.
I still bite the life out of my straws.
I never know what I should do when people are singing 'Happy Birthday' to me.
Catching something mid air and feeling like a ninja.
Hearing your voice on video and asking yourself if that's how you really sound.
When I'm sleeping at a friends house and I wake up before them, I sit there staring at the ceiling for an hour.
When it gets awkward at someones house, I stroke their dog.
I hate wasting a cute outfit on what I think is going to be a good night.
The awkward eye contact at red lights with people in the car next to you.
When someone takes the piece of food that you have mentally claimed.
I wish music played during epic moments in my life.
I still struggle to open a bag even though it says 'tear here'.
Why do you continue to text me after I ignored the other 10 messages?
Sometimes when I'm walking, I try to keep my feet in the little square tiles.
Responding to texts while half asleep then realising you make no sense.
I hate when I'm drinking and the ice just attacks my face.
I love running up and down hotel hallways.
Everyones texts me when I'm busy yet no one texts me when I'm bored.
I text so much faster when I'm fighting with someone.
Things magically appear when my mum looks for them.
Wondering if you are in the background of anyones photo somewhere.
I hate when I drive onto my driveway and my favourite song comes on.
I save song titles as drafts on my phone so I can remember to download them later.
When I'm in the shower, I slant my arm in a way to look like water is coming out of my fingers.
I hate the little triangles on my windscreen that the wipers can't reach.
I accept the 'terms and conditions' without reading them.
The weirdest thing is seeing someone in person after seeing them on Facebook a million times.
I used to harass 'Smarterchild' when I got bored.
I text someone in the same room as me and stare at them until they get it.
I hate when people don't know the difference between there, they're and their.
Meowing at cats until they meow back.
I go crazy when there's someone in front of me walking slow.
I have to sing my ABC's to know which letter comes next in the alphabet.
When I was little, the only reason I went on the computer was to use paint.
I casually sit in my towel for ages after a shower.
Push down hard on the batteries in a remote control even though they've run out and it miraculously works.

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