Monday, 23 May 2011

‘You’re beautiful, the guy who did you wrong, who left you, ignored you, didn’t recognise your feelings, made you cry, ruined months of days. He didn’t deserve you. You deserve better. You deserve a guy who can understand you, be there for you, be the shoulder when you need someone, look at you straight in the eye, and honestly tell you how much you mean to him. You need a guy who ignores everything else and pays attention to you. A guy who makes you feel special in every way. A guy who treats you like the world. A guy who accepts you, a guy who can look straight through you and loves the view. A guy who accepts your flaws and cherishes them. A guy who goes past your looks, and stares at your heart, without having to take off your top. A guy who can understand your every word, love your every smile, and loves you for what you are, instead of what you’re not. A guy who doesn’t care how popular, or not popular you are. A guy who puts you as the first and only option. A guy who only wants you and no one else. A guy who would chase after you, even when you let go. A guy who would make a fool out of himself just to see that smile on your face. A guy who would miss you, even when you’re right in front of him. A guy who tells you you’re beautiful, even when you deny it. You deserve this.’

I have this.

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