Thursday, 19 May 2011

I find that quite possibly THE best way of cheering me up is reassurance. You know when you feel crap, unwanted, not good enough, insignificant? Going to your family or friends is pretty much the best way of bringing you up again. Now I haven't felt down in a long time, I've actually been extremely happy which is slightly daunting and makes me a little worried that something bad has got to come along some time soon. But when it does, I have this list of words which in my friends opinions, best describe me. Reading through them makes me feel needed and appreciated again. I love my friends.

Confident, Outspoken, Crazy, Ridiculous, Loyal, Cheeky, Horny, Genuine, ‘The best’, Independent, Feminine, Bubbly, Loving, Beautiful, Strong minded, Kind, Sweet, Funny, Generous, Caring, Intelligent, Classy, Dignified, Hilarious, Special, Drunk, Wise, Fiery, Clever, Pretty, Fashionable, Unique, Individual.

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