Wednesday, 2 February 2011

I’ve decided that not enough exciting things happen in my life. I’m always either at work or sleeping off work. I feel as though I never get the chance to go out and do ‘me’. There are so many things I want to do yet I’m never able to do them. No one looks back on their lives and remembers the night’s they got plenty of sleep. Unfortunately, I’m a massive sleeper. I crave recuperation regularly. I sit at my desk with all these big idea’s of things I’m going to do and plans for that evening, but the second I’ve had dinner and my lard arse hits the sofa, that’s it. All those plans fly out of the window, the tiredness kicks in and bed seems like the best idea. I try to fight through the negativity and tell myself ‘you only live once’ but when those plans are nothing out of the ordinary and lack spontaneity, my head replies, ‘they can wait’. Weekends fly by and I never get to accomplish everything that I wanted to.
I need more time. Someone give me time.

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