Thursday, 20 January 2011

Summer is my season. I really can't wait to bust out my summer attire, go for picnics over Hylands Park, wash my own car instead of having it washed, rock some messy beach hair and drink mojito's while my dad cooks up a mean barbeque.

I thought the weather was gradually getting warmer but apparently not. Everyone looks crappy in the winter months. I personally think everyone looks better with sunkissed skin and a few freckles and can't wait until mine show themselves. The picture reminds me of my brown Ray Ban's that I lost at Brownstock Festival last summer. Gutted, absolutely gutted. However, I guess it was well worth it considering I had a pretty awesome weekend but they will definitely be my first purchase of this summer. I've always said how I'm all about the little things and I find myself smiling thinking about waking up late on a Saturday morning, window wide open and the hot sun beaming through the gap in my curtains. It's also so much easier to get up for work in the summer months and I find myself actually wanting to go to work some days just so I can spend my lunch hour in the pretty little church garden round the back of my office with a starbucks.

Winter, I'm bored of you now.

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