Monday, 20 May 2013

Have you ever felt so betrayed and let down by someone you never thought would treat you that way? I'm so confused by everything at the moment. Life makes no sense to me and I feel as though I'm stuck in limbo. I find it really hard comprehending some people's actions, mainly because I could never be that way. It's so amazing to me how someone can change so much right in front of your eyes. The hardest part is having no control over it and just having to sit back and watch it happen. I've always had issues with trust and struggled to come to terms with letting someone in again and being 'vulnerable' so to speak. The scariest part is that person really convinced me to let them in and trust them with my happiness and yet they were the one's to truly abuse it.
I don't understand how someone can say one thing and then three weeks later, contradict it. This is hard. No one really seems to understand how I feel or sympathise with me. I don't have anyone to talk to about it because most people judge or I can hear them getting bored with me and so I've turned to blogging again; hoping it will be a good outlet for my emotions. Ready to be bored?

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