Thursday, 9 June 2011

Golden light upon my skin.

Sitting here wishing for the thousandth time that blogging was my job. Would be kind of ideal. It's Thursday morning and I'm feeling rather odd. My boyfriend went on holiday last night and although it's only until Sunday and we've gone longer amounts of time without seeing each other, we've never been so far apart. It's a strange feeling and I don't like it.
On a happier note, this time next week I'll be in sunny Spain with the girls visiting our gorgeous Kerri. I can't wait to lay on the beach and not have a worry in the world. I'm in my happiest physical state on holiday. Relaxed, tanned, ridden with freckles and loving the effect the beach naturally has on my hair. It sucks how miserable my life has become since I started full time work. I did a post a while back saying how I never had time for 'me' and I really feel as though nothing has yet changed and won't for quite possibly a long time to come. It also sucks that I have to be miserable in order to earn money to do things that make me happy. Vicious circle of wretchedness.

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